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Behold the Power of Vampire Facials

Behold the Power of Vampire Facials

Ageing is a natural part of growing up.

Well, it was until now!

That reality is changing. You can age smart and become wise without the wrinkles. And no, you do not have to go under the knife for it.

It sure sounds like magic, doesn’t it?

Have they discovered the elixir of life?

No, but the cosmetologists have created a close second for you – The Vampire Facial. Have you noticed the blood-spattered faces of various celebrities on the social media lately? That’s right, it is their own blood! But, before you freak out, here is how the treatment works.

Vampire facial, aka platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment, is a facial therapy that regenerates the skin and helps erase the signs of ageing by using your blood. And FYI, just because there is “vampire” in the name, it doesn’t mean that you can get this treatment only during the nighttime.


So, how is it done?

Vampire facials require you to part ways with a few teaspoons of your blood. The blood is then run through a centrifuge, which separates it into different components. The component of interest for this facial is the platelet-rich serum part of the blood. This serum is then put on the face using microneedles for better absorption.


What can it do for you?

The platelet-rich serum comes loaded with growth factors. When they come in contact with the tissues in the face, they accelerate cell repair.

Vampire facial has become a rage because it offers rejuvenation properties that make the face look younger and not alien. After a few weeks, you will be able to see improvement in the condition of scars, wrinkles, and even stretch marks. You will also notice a better-looking under-eye area and tightened pores. It eliminates the need to “fill” the cheeks and other areas of your face.

The idea is to make your face look natural and the vampire facial nails it.


Why is it better than a surgical procedure?

First of all, you do not feel any kind of pain during the facial. Needles are used, but only after applying a local anesthetic. So, you won’t feel a thing.

Any kind of swelling or redness that may arise will be there for a maximum of 3 to 4 days after the PRP treatment. Once that initial period is over, you will be able to see a rejuvenated you. It will keep getting better over the next 3 months and the effects of the facial will last a good 24 months.

The vampire facial scores the highest against any surgical procedures when it comes to the final results. Vampire facials do not inject or use any synthetic chemicals on your face. It is your own blood that is the source of the enriched serum being used in the treatment. The results are for all to see. When you look in the mirror, you do not see a sculpted “typical” face, but yourself only a few years younger.


If you need vampire facial to rejuvenate you from the inside and transform your life, call us today and schedule a consultation. We will be more than happy to tell you more about the facial and if it is the right choice for your skin.

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