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Erectile Dysfunction is Not An Age-Related Problem. Here’s Why.

Erectile Dysfunction Miami

Erectile Dysfunction is Not An Age-Related Problem. Here’s Why.

Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to sustain a firm erection to have sexual intercourse. It is usually considered an old man’s problem. But, what many people do not know is that erectile dysfunction is not exclusive to the senior’s club. Given the deafening silence around the topic, young men are not really encouraged to explore this subject, let alone discuss it. It is super-taboo.

So, is Erectile Dysfunction not age-related?

Sadly, not really. Many people presume that only old men need to worry about such complications. However, empirical studies suggest otherwise. In 2013, a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, concluded that Erectile Dysfunction was worryingly common among younger men. More than a fourth of men under the age of 40 were affected by it. An even more alarming statistic is that over 50% of these men suffered from a severe form of Erectile Dysfunction.


Why Are Young Men affected?

Because erection is a complex biochemical process of the male body. If one cog in the whole machinery does not work properly, the whole machinery fails. Normal erection requires optimal hormonal activity, unobstructed circulation, and more.

Conditions like atherosclerosis and high blood pressure obstruct healthy blood flow. Obesity can lead to this dysfunction and so can diabetes. Low levels of hormones such as testosterone or an imbalance of the thyroid hormone may also cause it. In the race to build the hunkiest body, a lot of young men inject themselves with steroids and other hormone-modulating serums into their body. This too can lead to erectile dysfunction.

The signal for all kinds of hormonal activity that lead to pleasure and arousal originate in the brain. In the modern fast-paced world of today, stress, anxiety and depression are all too common. With the brain bogged down under the pressure of these psychological conditions, the pleasure centers never get stimulated to their optimum during the intercourse. Add to it alcohol and drug abuse and you have the perfect cocktail to wreck the brain chemistry.


Treatment? Remedy? Something…?

With Erectile Dysfunction taking over a whole new demographic, some new-age treatments have been devised to tackle it. One of the most potent of them all is the Priapus Shot, popularly known as the P-shot.

The P-shot treatment helps patients develop a healthier penis by improving the blood circulation to the organ. This translates to a better erection that sustains longer and offers more pleasure.

The patient is treated with the growth factors from their own blood. They are administered to the patient in a form of an injection. The penis is first treated with a numbing agent. So the patient does not even feel the sting. A big part of its appeal lies in the fact that this treatment is an all-natural and painless treatment.


Finally, It’s Time

With many studies backing the claim, it is time that we stop pretending that Erectile Dysfunction only affects older men or even worse that the problem does not exist at all. There is a need for a meaningful discussion about this epidemic that is plaguing our young men. With treatments like P-shot available in the market, it is senseless for them to forego one of the most pleasurable human experiences.

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