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Regain Youth This Halloween With the Vampire-ish Secret

Regain Youth This Halloween With the Vampire-ish Secret

Legends say that vampires are “gifted” with eternal youth. Want to know their secret? It’s human blood!

While the debate on the existence of vampires rages on, the rejuvenation and revitalizing effects of blood are a scientific fact. So, it’s no wonder that procedures like vampire facial have gained immense popularity in recent years. This Halloween, surprise everyone by going to the party as a younger you. Finding a more youthful, sexier version of you will definitely freak out everyone at first, but then they will be all over you to learn your secret. Tell them or give them the vampire story; it’s up to you.

Getting Ready

Vampire facial starts showing results right after the first sitting. For a few patients, one session is all it takes to achieve the youthful glow. Others may need up to 3 treatments. However, each of the vampire facials should be scheduled at least a month apart for the best results.

Do You Need Post-Treatment Care?

No. The vampire facial does use needles and involves taking out some of your blood. It is quite painless really, except for the part where the clinician draws blood from your body. It is possible that the pictures of celebrities on social media undergoing vampire facials with their faces covered in blood may have scared you. However, in reality, you will only feel a sting when the needle is used to draw the blood. Other than that, it is completely painless.

The blood taken from the patient is put inside a centrifuge. The protein-rich plasma collected from the technique is then used to treat the facial skin. Numbing agents are then administered to the patients so that they do not endure any pain when the plasma is injected back. This plasma nurtures the skin from the inside.

The entire process takes approximately 30 minutes. However, the duration may vary depending on your unique case.

What to Expect?

With vampire facial, you can expect a complete overhaul of your facial skin. You will be able to see a substantial difference in the intensity of the wrinkles, the blemishes will go away, and the droopy skin will brighten up. You will be able to experience that much-desired bouncy skin and get rid of the skin dullness.

Each set of vampire facial will easily last you from six months to a year. So, by next Halloween, you will be ready for another round. Each successive treatment is going to make your skin better than it was before. When you start aging backwards, you are bound to get a lot of looks. After all, you just did some time travel and went a few years back. Everyone will want to know your secret.

If you have any questions related to the procedure or if you want to get a vampire facial done, call Alexander Medical Aesthetics. We are here to help.

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