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Patient Forms

Information helps us protect you as our patient. Find new patient health history and medical records forms to complete prior to your appointment.

New Patient Health History

As a new patient, it’s important for us to have information about your health history. Please complete this form and bring it with you to your appointment. This information will be entered into your personal health information file. This information is completely confidential and only used by your healthcare team. New patient health history forms and contact form

Medical Records

For you, as a patient, there are processes in place to allow you to review your medical records. Our Health Information Management team is available to assist you in obtaining a copy of your records.

Portions of your medical record may be available to you through a secure, online service called the SunMed Patient Portal. To sign up or learn more about visit the Patient Portal section of our website or ask a patient representative at your next visit to SunMed.

To request medical record information from SunMed Health Center, complete the form below

Authorization for the Release of Medical Record

To request information from other facilities

Authorization for the release of Medical Records from Other Healthcare Facilities

Important Steps
    1. Complete all fields on the authorization form(s) when requesting the release of your records.
    2. After the form(s) is signed and dated, fax the information to SunMed at 305-944-1133 or mail it to Medical Records 150 NW 168th Street, Suite 301, North Miami Beach Florida 33169
    3. Typical processing time to request medical records is seven to 10 business days, depending on the availability of the medical record.