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Vampire Facelift – The Anti-Aging Game Changer

Vampire Facelift – The Anti-Aging Game Changer

Creatures of the night, vampires have infiltrated folklore and the human psyche for centuries. From fear to fascination, stories of these mythical creatures have been present in cultures around the world. Where ever you find their presence, all vampires share two qualities that make them both frightening and captivating: their insatiable lust for blood and their everlasting youth.

Could it be that the secret of these creatures’ immortality lies in their need for blood?

What’s a Vampire Facelift?

Vampire facelifts are a game changer for one key reason – they use the body’s natural healing mechanism to transform your skin! There are two steps to this revolutionary process. First, hyaluronic acid fillers (more commonly known as Juvederm) are used to shape your skin, sculpting the face into the desired shape. Next, a simple blood draw is taken. (It’s pretty painless, we promise!).

And here’s where it gets interesting.

Using a centrifuge (a machine that rapidly spins blood, preventing it from clotting), growth factors in platelet rich plasma (PRP) are extracted. Next? The PRP is injected back into your face, precisely into the areas you wish to rejuvenate!

What are the Benefits?

  • Due to new blood vessel formation, a pink, youthful glow
  • New collagen formation
  • Lessened appearance of fine lines
  • Restoration of youthful volume
  • Reduced appearance of acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles

We all want to look and feel younger. In the modern era, “You’re only as old as you feel” might be turned on its head – when first impressions reign supreme, to a certain extent you’re only as old as you look. If you’re ready to shave years off your face, immortality (or as close as we’re going to get) is just a phone call away!

Are you ready to work with your body, rather than against it? Inquire today about the age defying effects of a Vampire Facelift!

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